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“Pregnant Man” and wife finalize divorce after unusual concession

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Forty-one-year-old public speaker and transgender issues advocate Thomas Beatie has recently finalized his divorce with Nancy Gillespie after he acquiesced to her demand that he hand over his shark tooth collection.

Beatie, best known for his stint in the public eye as the “Pregnant Man” in 2007, told reporters that he began collecting the shark teeth in 2006 on the North Carolina shore, the site where he laid the ashes of a deceased former girlfriend to rest.

Beatie said he surrendered his beloved shark tooth collection – which included 72 teeth – to Gillespie with the hope that his surrender would fast-track their contested divorce so he could marry his girlfriend, Amber Nicholas.

Beatie and Gillespie originally filed for divorce in 2012 and have been legally separated ever since. The former couple has joint custody of their children – Austin Alexander, Susan Juliette, and Jensen James. Apparently, Beatie’s white flag was not waved in vain, as Gillespie chose to forgo spousal and child support payments in the settlement.

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