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Is It Hard to Get Full Custody in North Carolina?

Parents have the right to be involved in their child’s life through physical presence and the ability to make decisions for the child. Parental rights are fundamental, meaning terminating these rights is challenging and will only happen under specific circumstances. Types of Child Custody in North Carolina When determining child custody arrangements, the court considers […]

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Helping Your Child Cope with Relocation after Divorce

Divorce is never easy for anyone. As parents know, the end of a marriage can be particularly challenging for kids. The parent with physical custody of the child may start their new life by moving to a new house. Alternatively, the parent without custody might move out and attempt to set up a new home […]

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The Five Best Strategies for Co-Parenting During the Holidays

Few gobble up the magic of December like children, and as parents, we want to enjoy as much time with them as we can during the holidays. After a child custody battle or divorce, a couple must change their typical holiday routine. However, with clear communication and focus, you can co-parent successfully and mitigate some […]

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What Happens If My Ex Moves Out of the Country With Our Kids?

When you share custody of your children with your ex, it can be devastating to learn that they have all relocated to a different country. Suddenly, you are dealing with an international child custody case. If this move has occurred without your knowledge, your spouse has made a unilateral decision that affects everyone involved. In […]

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How Does a Domestic Violence Charge Affect Custody?

Sadly, many American children still witness domestic violence between parents, and instances of interparental violence can lead to child abuse. The occurrence of domestic violence in a relationship, or even an accusation of domestic violence, will affect the outcome of a child custody matter. Domestic Violence and the Child’s Best Interest Whether the parents resolve […]

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Can My Child Choose Which Parent They Want to Live with in NC?

If a child’s parents divorce, they may prefer to live with one parent over the other. In North Carolina, children can tell a court their wishes about which parent should have custody. However, courts must act in the child’s best interest, even if that interest goes against the child’s wishes. In this post, we’ll explain […]

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What You Need to Know About Your Sole Custody Case

Family law issues are often mentally and emotionally overwhelming. Child custody concerns often cause the most stress. In North Carolina, the court decides on child custody during a divorce. However, after a divorce, child custody can change when there is enough evidence to revisit the issue. Because the laws are complicated, you need the advice […]

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If I Have to Move for a Job, How Will That Affect My Visitation Agreement?

Relocating for a new job can be the best thing that ever happened. If you and your former spouse have a carefully negotiated custody agreement, it can also be the worst. What can you do when you must choose between the job of your dreams and the income that will give your child the life […]

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How Does a Prison Record Affect Child Custody?

For most parents, the most important issue to be resolved during a divorce is that of child custody. This subject can be emotionally loaded, and spouses who are in the process of divorcing often have substantial disagreements about which parent the kids should live with. If the parents cannot agree on the matter between themselves, […]

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Five Tips to Win Custody of a Child in NC

Child custody cases can turn ugly in the blink of an eye. What might have started as an amicable arrangement could lead to a contentious battle in court. It’s critical to understand state laws and your rights regarding custody of a minor child in North Carolina. Either parent can petition for custody, but the court […]

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