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Being involved in a family law matter such as divorce, child custody, or domestic violence can be one of the most emotionally devastating events a person can go through in their life. When you have a legal dispute that may involve those closest to you, you may understandably experience feelings of anxiety, frustration, or isolation. A family law case can have a long-lasting impact on your personal life and finances, and the decisions you make can also affect other members of your family.

When you are going through this tough time, you deserve tough attorneys. At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, our Wake Forest family lawyers will put in the work necessary to ensure that your case proceeds as smoothly as possible and that you obtain the best possible outcome. We offer experienced legal advice about your rights and options and what you can expect to occur in your case. We also provide aggressive advocacy for your rights and interests, handling all the hard work of preparing and filing paperwork, and negotiating on your behalf to try to reach fair and favorable results for you. But we also are prepared to fight for your rights in court in your divorce, alimony, child support, or domestic violence case.

If you need legal assistance with your family law matter in Wake Forest, turn to the attorneys of Marshall & Taylor PLLC for help. Contact us at (919) 833-1040 for an initial case evaluation to discuss your rights and options.

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    Types of Family Law Cases We Handle in Wake Forest

    Family law is one of the most complex, sensitive areas of law. Family law cases involve those dearest to us. The Wake Forest family lawyers of Marshall & Taylor PLLC understand that our clients need compassionate, experienced, dedicated legal representation when they come to our firm. Our seasoned legal team has extensive experience helping clients and their families obtain positive outcomes in family law cases, such as:

    Resolving any family law matter can prove difficult, as your personal and emotional investment in your family can make it hard to think and act logically in your circumstances. For that reason, you need a Wake Forest family law attorney from Marshall & Taylor PLLC. We have the experience and personalized approach to be staunch advocates for you and to protect your rights and interests.

    Why Should I Choose a Wake Forest Family Lawyer from Marshall & Taylor PLLC?

    At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, we know that every client who walks through our firm’s doors is going through one of the most trying periods in their and their family’s life. That’s why our attorneys strive to offer clear, honest, detailed communication with our clients. We want you to know what your legal rights and options are in your case and what possible and likely outcomes you may be facing.

    We understand the stress and anxiety that come with being involved in a family law matter. For that reason, we work diligently to secure a fair and favorable outcome for you as efficiently as possible, so that you can begin the process of moving forward with your life. But that does not mean our firm will not work as long as necessary to protect your rights and interests. Although we believe in the value of negotiation and mediation as a means of effectively resolving many family law matters, our Wake Forest family lawyers are prepared to fight for you and your children and other family members in court.

    When you turn to Marshall & Taylor PLLC, you can trust that you have some of the most skilled family law attorneys in your corner. One of our partners, Attorney Jeffrey Marshall, is board certified by the North Carolina State Bar in family law, which recognizes an extensive experience in family law that is held by only a handful of attorneys in the state. His specialty allows our firm to provide effective legal representation for all our clients.

    How Can the Wake Forest Family Lawyers of Marshall & Taylor PLLC Help in My Case?

    If you are involved in a family law dispute, you may not know where to turn or what steps you need to take to advocate for your rights and interests. Let the seasoned Wake Forest family lawyers of Marshall & Taylor PLLC help you pursue the outcomes you want and deserve in your case by:

    • Explaining your legal rights and options and what steps in the process you can expect to go through
    • Collecting and reviewing information and documents relevant to your case, such as financial records or expert reports
    • Handling all the details of the discovery process if your case involves discovery, including requesting information and responding to requests directed to you
    • Advising you of alternatives to going to trial in your family law matter, such as engaging in collaborative negotiation or participating in mediation to try to reach a settlement or resolution that still provides you with the results and outcomes you want and deserve
    • Going to court and to trial when necessary to fight for your legal rights or for the rights and interests of your children or other family members.

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    If you have a family law matter in Wake Forest, you deserve skilled legal representation that will protect your rights and interests as well as the rights and interests of those you love. Call Marshall & Taylor PLLC today at (919) 833-1040 or fill out the contact form on our website for a confidential consultation to learn more about how our firm can help.