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Child Support Lawyer in Raleigh

For many divorcing couples, the most challenging issue in a divorce can be child support. When a divorce involves children, there are often very dramatic changes that go along with the separation, including changes in living arrangements for everyone involved. Additionally, any pending decisions surrounding the children must be decided before the divorce can be finalized. The parent who takes sole custody of the children may be forced to shoulder costs that they did not anticipate or prepare for. Because of this, child support payments may be mandated by the court. Many times, significant child support is necessary for the primary custodial parent to raise the child in the manner to which they are accustomed. Many parents are not willing to follow through and take care of this critical obligation to their children and their former spouse.

These types of child custody cases must be dealt with the utmost of care and compassion as emotions can run high during a divorce case that involves child support arrangements. The best possible living arrangement must be determined for the children – for their emotional and physical well-being. To prevent any conflicts from escalating further, it takes the experience and track record of a trained attorney who can address the concerns of both parents.

Effective legal representation is needed protect your best interests, whether it means getting an ex-spouse to pay the amount due or stopping an ex-spouse from seeking additional child support funds. A child support custody attorney at Marshall & Taylor PLLC is well qualified to assist you in understanding your legal rights and options in your child support case. Contact a Raleigh child support attorney today at (919) 833-1040 to discuss your specific situation with a qualified member of our professional staff. We are on your side, and we will resolve your concerns!

Marshall & Taylor PLLC has been a valued source for couples that are going through divorce proceedings, as our firm understands the value of diplomacy and mediation. If those approaches do not work, we are more than willing to defend you, your children and your finances to the full extent of the law. We are knowledgeable in all areas of family law, and we will provide the best possible representation in your time of distress and uncertainty. We will sit down with you and walk you through the legal process step by step so that you can make informed decisions regarding your child support issues.

When you are in the middle of a divorce proceeding, you want an attorney that you can trust with all aspects of your divorce proceedings. Jeffrey Marshall and Travis Taylor serve clients in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the surrounding Wake County area. The firm’s familiarity with the immediate area has helped them establish a strong family law practice and professional network. Their experience and track record are clear, and they have a large local client base. Marshall & Taylor PLLC has numerous areas of practice including divorce, separation, alimony, child support, child custody, property division, and other aspects of family law. For an attorney that is here to help you, contact the office of Marshall & Taylor PLLC at (919) 833-1040.

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    Do I Need A Child Support Attorney?

    When going through a significant life event such as divorce, it can be challenging to choose the best path to take that will benefit all concerned. While you are very worried about your children’s financial needs and support, you want your case to be handled with fair and honest representation. Having an attorney that you can consult with regarding all aspects of your divorce, especially the child support issue, can ease your emotional pain and prevent further complications with your divorce proceedings. You may have questions that may not have immediate answers. What if you can’t agree on how the children are to be raised? How long is child custody legal process? These questions are best answered by a reputable attorney who can handle your paperwork and phone calls while negotiating with both parents so that the best interests of all concerned can be addressed fully.

    Why Choose Marshall & Taylor PLLC?

    Child Support Lawyer in RaleighIf you need an attorney in Raleigh, you have a choice of law firms to select to handle your divorce case. What we believe setsMarshall & Taylor PLLC apart from other firms are our commitment to our clients and our experience helping others here in Raleigh with their divorce proceedings. We are here to help you protect your assets, keep your children close, and move on with your life. Our experienced team is ready to talk to you about your needs and your situation, so call us at (919) 833-1040, chat with us live, or fill out our email contact form to get started.

    Child Support

    While you are going through a stressful time such as divorce, it is important to be able to put your child support case in the hands of a qualified attorney that will take the worry out of your situation and handle the details for you. In addition to helping resolve child support questions, our firm is able to handle cases in all areas of family law, including adoption, divorce, separation, child custody, child support, property division, alimony, restraining orders and mediation/ arbitration. However, if you have children, the child support agreement may be one of the most critical documents in your divorce. This agreement is the statement of financial assistance for both the child and their custodial parent. An attorney from Marshall & Taylor PLLC can assist you in:

    Due to the significance of the support agreement on a child’s life, it is crucial that it is designed and fulfilled appropriately. Without proper legal representation, mistakes can be made that could further complicate your case. However, with a skilled attorney on your side, you can be assured that you and your children’s interests will be protected. Contact Marshall & Taylor PLLC so that we can sit down with you and address your concerns.

    Factors that Determine Child Support

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When going through a divorce proceeding, you probably have several questions and concerns that you need to be addressed. For your convenience, we have listed a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding an important aspect of your child’s future – child support.

    How is child support paid?

    Federal law requires that child support payments be automatically deducted from the non-custodial parent’s paycheck, more commonly called income withholding. This applies to other payments like Social Security, any disability compensation, and potential unemployment benefits the parent may be receiving.

    What if my ex-spouse won’t pay child support?

    The child support payments are a critical part of a divorce settlement, and if your spouse is not paying, then you are likely entitled to legal assistance. You can legally hold your spouse accountable to the arrangement, or child support agreement, ordered by the divorce settlement. With the aid of an experienced attorney from Marshall & Taylor PLLC, your custody agreement is more likely to get enforced successfully.

    Penalties for Not Paying Child Support in North Carolina

    Can I change a child support amount if I need to?

    Yes, but to change it, you need to go through a process like the one when the child support order was entered. The individual that wants the change must file papers at the court office and ask for a hearing or conference. The individual requesting the change also needs to prove that there are significant changes in their money situation that they cannot control, and that the changes are going to last for a long period. In situations where there is a good reason, the court can recalculate the child support payments.

    How do they decide my fair share of child support?

    There are various steps in calculating child support under the current guidelines. It will be essential to determine income and deductions for both parents. They will have to provide documents about their money, taxes, child care, and health care insurance to a support hearing or conference.

    Child Support Statistics

    All 50 states have passed statutes criminalizing failure to pay child support, although some have decided to treat nonsupport as a civil matter – failure to obey a court order. Both can result in imprisonment, but the latter approach leaves the noncustodial parent without a criminal record.

    Although divorce across the nation has been on the decline, thousands upon thousands of people still go through it each year. The North Carolina Health and Human Services keeps track of the divorce rate on a state level, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention let us glimpse national averages and statistics. A few significant numbers include:

    • 30,816 divorces in North Carolina in 2015
    • 2,446 divorces in Wake County, including Raleigh, in 2015
    • 813,862 divorces in the U.S. in 2014
    • In 2014, the divorce rate in North Carolina was 3.4 percent while the national average was 3.2 percent

    At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, we know that divorce can be extremely difficult. We also know that your children are important to you and we want to assist you in getting the proper care for them. We also realize that your goal is to have a stable family environment to raise your children. We are on your side and will assist you in settling your child support issues while paying attention to the best interests of your children.

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    The child custody attorneys at Marshall & Taylor PLLC, are proud to serve families Raleigh and the Wake County area. We care about our clients, and we sincerely want to assist couples who are facing complex legal challenges. We take pride in putting our clients first, and we make sure that they have the absolute best representation to settle their child support concerns. We have the resources and experience to provide you with the help that you need while looking out for the best interests of you and your children. If you or someone you know needs assistance regarding a child support agreement, complete our online form, chat live, or contact a Raleigh child support attorney at the at Marshall & Taylor PLLC today at (919) 833-1040 to discuss your case.

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