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Raleigh Med-Arb Attorneys

Med-arb is a relatively recent form of divorce settlement that combines mediation and arbitration. With mediation, some mediators feel ill-equipped to take mediation to the next step and get a ruling on a settlement; that is the function arbitration performs after an arbiter hears both sides of a divorce case. But with med-arb, mediation occurs and then arbitration settles the matter all in one process, resulting in a ruling on your divorce that’s often quicker and more definitive than regular mediation or arbitration.

The Raleigh med-arb attorneys of Marshall & Taylor PLLC, know that many Raleigh couples are facing divorce and are unsure about their options. Our legal team can discuss your options with you, including med-arb, and help you decide on the best course of action.

Benefits of Med-Arb Divorce

Raleigh couples may benefit in numerous ways from med-arb divorce rather than pursuing other options. For instance, beneficial aspects of med-arb include:

  • Avoiding court intervention
  • Personal choice in med-arb representative
  • Often faster proceedings than contested divorce
  • Often less expensive than contested divorce

These benefits have convinced many Raleigh residents that med-arb is worth considering. You too can learn more about its benefits by discussing your case with an experienced divorce attorney who is familiar with med-arb, like those at Marshall & Taylor PLLC.

Contact a Med-Arb Attorney in Raleigh

If you and your spouse want to know more about med-arb or believe this option would work best for your own divorce settlement, speak with a compassionate Raleigh divorce attorney at Marshall & Taylor PLLC. Contact our offices in Raleigh today by calling (919) 833-1040, and learn more about how a lawyer can help protect your rights during med-arb or any other divorce proceeding.

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