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U.S. males may not pursue spousal support from ex-wives due to gender roles

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According to the National Census, of the 400,000 people in the United States receiving post-divorce financial assistance, only 3% of them are males and the rest are females. However, 40% of households are headed by women who make the majority of the household income. What could possibly be the cause for this disparity?

The author of Divorcing Smartly: The End of a Marriage Isn’t the End of the World, argues that this phenomenon can possibly be attributed to the fact that gender roles are thoroughly ingrained in Americans, including the notion that men should be the breadwinners and providers for the family.

For instance, 53-year-old Keith Craig, who had given up his public school teaching career to stay at home and take care of his children after his divorce, said “I’d never hit a girl and I’d never beg from a girl – and I see palimony as begging.” He said his attitude towards the matter may have been influenced by how his generation views the concept of gender roles.

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