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Teenage domestic violence a silent danger

The recent arrest of 17-year-old Kelton Fox in Durham for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Tierra Hall has tragically brought teenage domestic violence into the spotlight in North Carolina, WTVD reported on April 1.

Fox has been indicted with first-degree murder in relation to Hall, who was found dead behind a vacant home on March 28. Although this is an extreme example, the private nonprofit organization Interact knows that domestic violence among teenagers is far more common than one might think.

The director of education training and engagement in domestic violence for the Raleigh chapter, Stephanie Francis, said that domestic violence can begin among young teens around the age of 12. Red flags include an unhealthy amount of calls and texts, isolation from friends and family, and invasion of privacy into social media accounts.

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Gregory Hardy still to be investigated by NFL despite case dismissal

Despite the dismissal of 26-year-old Carolina Panthers’ defensive end Gregory Hardy’s domestic violence case on February 9 in Charlotte, North Carolina, the National Football League has announced that it will still investigate the personal life of Hardy to find out if he violated the league’s personal-conduct policy, according to a report by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The case was reportedly dismissed because the prosecution panel was unable to get hold of Nicole Holder, the plaintiff in the case and Hardy’s ex-girlfriend, even after multiple tries to contact her via various media. Therefore, she was unable to testify against Hardy that day.

“Reliable information” from the district attorney’s office indicated that Holder and Hardy may have been able to come to a civil settlement agreement.

Hardy was convicted last year of assaulting and threatening Holder’s life and had appealed the ruling.

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Charlotte Christmas tree commemorates domestic violence victims

To remember the 59 victims of domestic violence in North Carolina this year, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and members of the local Safe Alliance constructed a special holiday tree for this Christmas and hung the names of victims upon the tree, Charlotte TWC News reported on December 15.

Among those whose lives were senselessly lost due to domestic violence was Bianca Tanner, who had gone missing for over a month and whose body was found in Charlotte. Her boyfriend is facing charges of murder for her death.

Deputy City Manager Ron Kimble, who lost his only daughter to domestic violence two years earlier, said losing a loved one to this kind of indignity makes it hard for the family of the victims to accept the circumstances of their death.

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North Carolina programs promote domestic violence prevention

Thousands of high school coaches across the country are participating in a program created by nonprofit Futures Without Violence, called Coaching Boys Into Men, which is intended to prevent domestic violence, the Union-Bulletin reported on November 24.

Coaches relay messages on how to treat women and children to the young men on their teams. The football coach at Woodland Hills High in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kevin Murray, told his players that, “one of the biggest components of being a man is how you treat females,” in a bid to teach his students about the effects of domestic violence.

In relation to this, a more stringent version of that message is being disseminated at a jailhouse in High Point, North Carolina to men who are in jail for domestic violence-related cases–as these men are in danger of committing the same offenses again. This second program is called Offender-Focused Domestic Violence Initiative, which was developed by a criminal justice professor in High Point in 2009. After its full implementation in 2012, the number of repeat domestic violence offenders has decreased by 9 percent in High Point.

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