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Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward to divorce

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75-year-old evolutionary biologist and well-known atheist Richard Dawkins and 65-year-old actress and author Lalla Ward recently announced that they have parted ways and are divorcing. The scientist, who is famous for his best-selling books The God Delusion and The Selfish Gene, and his wife were together for 24 years.

Dawkins and Ward kept quiet about further details regarding their divorce and only said that they wished to have privacy during this trying time, The Sunday Times reported. The couple noted, “Our marriage, like everyone’s, is a private matter, and we are not prepared to share any details. We would, however, like to stress that we shall always be friends, and that we will, of course, continue to work together.” Dawkins met Ward, who is a mainstay in the cult classic science-fiction series Doctor Who, at a party hosted by the late English screenwriter Douglas Adams in 1992.

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