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North Carolina programs promote domestic violence prevention

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Thousands of high school coaches across the country are participating in a program created by nonprofit Futures Without Violence, called Coaching Boys Into Men, which is intended to prevent domestic violence, the Union-Bulletin reported on November 24.

Coaches relay messages on how to treat women and children to the young men on their teams. The football coach at Woodland Hills High in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kevin Murray, told his players that, “one of the biggest components of being a man is how you treat females,” in a bid to teach his students about the effects of domestic violence.

In relation to this, a more stringent version of that message is being disseminated at a jailhouse in High Point, North Carolina to men who are in jail for domestic violence-related cases–as these men are in danger of committing the same offenses again. This second program is called Offender-Focused Domestic Violence Initiative, which was developed by a criminal justice professor in High Point in 2009. After its full implementation in 2012, the number of repeat domestic violence offenders has decreased by 9 percent in High Point.

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