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Guiding your kids to healthy emotions after divorce

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If you have recently gone through a divorce, one thing that you must prioritize is the welfare of your children. There are a few steps that you can take in order to help guide your children to a more healthy emotional place following the break up.

Tell your children your true feelings regarding the divorce. If you are sad about it, don’t be afraid to share your feelings with them; this can validate their own feelings of unhappiness and teach them that it’s okay to feel bad about a situation that calls for negative feelings. Also, tell them of any changes that may happen in their lives because of the divorce. However, try not to bad-mouth your ex-spouse to your children. There is nothing to be gained from tarnishing his/her reputation with the children but more pain, anger, and resentment. Additionally, make sure to give them extra love in this emotionally trying time.

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