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Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn to divorce

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After being married to each other for 13 long years, 42-year-old Hollywood television and film actress Angie Harmon and 43-year-old former cornerback for the National Football League Jason Heath Sehorn announced on November 3 that they have reached an “amicable separation,” BreatheCast reported.

Because of their conflicting work schedules across the country, their relationship was put under strain for a long time. As a family, they lived in North Carolina, but Harmon’s film schedule in L.A. called for her to spend months away from home. This, sources said, contributed heavily to their decision to separate. Sehorn proposed to Harmon in 1998 on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and they married three years later in 2001.

The couple has three children together: 11-year-old Finley, nine-year-old Avery, and five-year-old Emery, who will likely figure in a child custody arrangement.

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