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Raleigh Child Support Lawyers

When two parents decide to end their marriage, the living situations for both parents, as well as their children, can change dramatically and in just a small amount of time. In many cases, the parent who takes primary custody of the child may incur a number of significant costs that they may not be able to afford on their own. For this reason, many divorce settlements include child support arrangements to help the custodial parent with these costs.

Unfortunately, issues with child support arrangements can often arise after a divorce has been finalized. At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, we know how difficult this can be for any parent in Raleigh struggling to provide the care their child needs while also managing their expenses and needs. In these situations, it may be necessary to pursue legal representation in order to ensure that your rights and needs are protected, whether this means getting your ex-spouse to pay the rightful amount or stopping an ex-spouse from seeking unnecessary child support funds.

Legal Matters Concerning Child Support

Child support is often one of the most contentious issues arising from a divorce settlement, and it is not uncommon for those involved in these types of arrangements to need legal help with issues such as:

Ensuring that both you and your children are being treated fairly after a divorce when it comes to child support can be difficult; however, with a skilled attorney on your side, you can make sure you and your child’s interests are better protected.

Talk to a Child Support Attorney in Raleigh

Our lawyers at Marshall & Taylor PLLC, are fully prepared to provide legal help for anyone dealing with issues related to child support. Thus, if you need help with your child support arrangement, call 919-833-1040. We have the resources and experience to provide you with the help you need.

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