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Raleigh Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

The Raleigh collaborative divorce lawyers at Marshall & Taylor PLLC, know how emotionally and financially stressful divorces can be for couples. However, divorces do not have to include lengthy, complicated court battles. Those who find themselves wanting to separate should know that there are many different options for divorce. In fact, if you and your spouse are willing to continue working as partners during your divorce, a collaborative divorce may be the best option for you.

Collaborative divorce allows couples seeking a divorce to approach their separation as partners willing to work together to reach an amicable agreement. A skilled collaborative divorce lawyer can help Raleigh couples work together to reach positive agreements. At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, our lawyers have successfully helped many couples through the divorce process.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Fortunately, collaborative divorces offer couples a method of official separation that is commonly more amicable than traditional divorces. In addition to being more civil, collaborative divorces provide numerous other benefits, which include:

  • Expediency
  • Less expensive than traditional divorces
  • More control over the outcome
  • Less stress and anxiety

If these benefits are appealing to you, collaborative divorce may be for you. An experienced family attorney can help you and your spouse through the legal nuances of this type of divorce.

Consult with a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Raleigh

If you and your spouse have decided that a divorce best, and you want to work together throughout the divorce process, consider a collaborative divorce. The lawyers at Marshall & Taylor PLLC, are ready to put their years of experience to work for you and your family. Call 919-833-1040 today to speak with a Raleigh collaborative divorce lawyer who cares about making your divorce as easy as possible.

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