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Raleigh Visitation Rights Attorneys

The various issues that arise from divorce can be further complicated when children are involved. While a marriage may not work out between some couples, both parents usually want what is best for their children; however when it comes to determining visitation rights, each parent may have different ideas about what is best for their children. These disagreements can become points of heated contention, and in the event that couples cannot come to an agreement on the terms of visitation rights, then it may be necessary to seek legal guidance.

At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, our Raleigh visitation rights attorneys work to help parents fight for what they believe is best for their children. Whether you are a parent with sole custody attempting to protect your child from an ex-spouse or you are trying to gain visitation rights, our lawyers are prepared to help you.

Benefits of Visitation Rights

Though each situation varies, judges typically grant visitation rights to spouses for the following reasons:

  • To maintaining healthy child-parent relationships
  • To allows parents to maintain healthy lines of communication
  • To provide some relaxation time for single parents

Reasons for No Visitation Rights

In some cases, however, it simply is not in the best interest of the child for some parents to be granted visitation rights. Some parents are denied visitation rights when:

  • The parent poses immediate danger to the child (alcohol or drug abuse)
  • The child does not want to visit with the other parent
  • There is a history of domestic violence
  • The parent resides in an unsafe neighborhood

Regardless of whether you are attempting to gain visitation rights or protect your child from a dangerous situation, our lawyers are committed to helping you fight for what you believe is in the best interest of your child.

Responding to Denied Visitation Rights

Consult a Visitation Rights Lawyer in Raleigh

Parents in Raleigh who are seeking visitation rights from a court are likely to face a difficult process involving paperwork, home visits, and court hearings. An experienced Raleigh visitation rights lawyer can help divorcing parents through the legal process. Call our offices today at 919-833-1040 to speak with one of our attorneys today or click here to learn more about child custody law.

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