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Pursuing Divorce Arbitration

In divorce arbitration, a divorcing couple will utilize a neutral, court-appointed arbitrator to settle every aspect of a divorce. While the process is very similar to divorce mediation—the couple will collaborate and discuss the terms of a divorce prior to both mediation and arbitration—the core characteristic of arbitration is very different from mediation. Critically, all of an arbitrator’s decisions concerning the divorce agreement are final and legally enforceable. As such, it is essential that each partner is fully prepared to articulate their needs and demands prior to entering into divorce arbitration.

Preparing for Divorce Arbitration with an Attorney

Prior to divorce arbitration, it is important for both individuals to thoroughly prepare their statements and arguments so that during arbitration they both feel as if their interests are adequately represented. Though they will not be directly involved in arbitration, divorce attorneys can advise each partner in:

  • The articulation/argument of their “side” in the divorce
  • How to anticipate the needs and demands of his or her partner
  • What possible outcomes may result from divorce arbitration

Our experienced divorce lawyers can help individuals feel as though their interests were fully represented in their divorce arbitration process.

Contact a Raleigh Divorce Arbitration Attorney Today

At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, our Raleigh-based divorce attorneys are familiar with the complications that may arise prior to divorce arbitration. The discrete, knowledgeable advice of our lawyers can help you prepare for divorce arbitration and help you secure your own financial future following your divorce. To discuss the particulars of your situation with one of our attorneys today, please call 919-833-1040.

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