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Pursuing a Med-Arb Divorce

Drawing upon the two separate forms of mediation and arbitration, med-arb is a hybrid form of divorce that is relatively new. In med-arb, couples work through the same practice of conflict resolution that they would in mediation, but will be ensured the finality of resolution that is normally associated with arbitration.

The process of med-arb is particularly attractive to some couples because they know that the amicability that is associated with the mediation process will reach a definitive resolution by the way of arbitration. For this reason, med-arb divorces are often cheaper and quicker than some other forms of divorce.

Advantages of Med-Arb Divorce

Balancing some of the most attractive aspects of mediation and arbitration into a single legal process, many couples choose the med-arb divorce process for the following advantages it offers:

  • There is no need for expensive litigation in court
  • There is more control over the process during mediation
  • There are often faster resolutions for families

While any form of divorce will certainly be difficult to work through, the process of med-arb often represents the best of options for couples who wish to quickly and finally dissolve their marriage.

Consult with a Med-Arb Divorce Attorney

If you and your spouse will be pursuing a med-arb divorce, you should both independently retain legal representation to help you each protect your interests throughout the legal process. If you would like to discuss your circumstances with a Raleigh divorce attorney with Marshall & Taylor PLLC, you should call our offices at 919-833-1040 today.

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