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Factors Affecting Mediated Divorce

Meditated divorces allow separating couples to work out their own settlements with the help of a neutral, court-appointed mediator. This method of divorce is often more amicable than a litigated court divorce because it allows couples to feel as though assets are fairly divided. In addition, mediated divorces are often less lengthy and expensive, as the only necessary expense is that of the mediator. Though a mediated divorce may be less volatile, individuals may still retain the services of a lawyer to look over the divorce agreements before they are finalized. Often, this legal advice can help assure peace-of-mind during the final stages of divorce by ensuring the agreement has been accurately and fairly represented.

Factors That Affect the Length of a Mediated Divorce

In many cases, mediated divorces can be among the least expensive and time-consuming methods of divorce. However, there are a few common and significant aspects of mediated divorce that may affect the length and expense such as:

Divorce is a difficult process for anybody and, though mediated divorces tend to be easier on divorcing couples and their families, mediation is no different. Experienced legal representation can often provide individuals with the critical assurance and advice they need throughout the mediated divorce process.

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