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Raleigh Joint Custody Lawyers

Because custody involves the future well being of a child, it is often one of the most difficult issues a couple must handle when they decide to get divorced. The Raleigh joint custody lawyers at Marshall & Taylor PLLC, understand the complications that can arise when a couple is negotiating custody arrangements. For couples who want an amicable solution that allows them both to maintain fulfilling relationships with their children, joint custody may be the best solution. Raleigh parents who are going through a divorce may wish to seek legal guidance to assist them through the process of filing for joint custody.

At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, our joint custody lawyers are committed to protecting the parental rights of Raleigh residents like you by seeking joint custody or other custody arrangements. We understand that divorce or separation can cause tremendous stress for you as a parent, and we can help make the legal process less intimidating.

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Why choose Marshall & Taylor PLLC to fight for you?

At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, we understand what our clients are going through. Our goal is to minimize the stress our clients are dealing with during a joint custody battle. We will work through all the legalities of the case, so you do not have to worry about them. This leaves you time to focus on your next steps to move forward, and most importantly, spend more time with your child. No parent wants to be away from their child, but we always strive our hardest to help reach a joint custody compromise that both parents can agree on together.

Considerations for Joint Custody

There are many factors that influence a judge’s decision to grant custody. In most scenarios, joint custody can be achieved if both parents prove that they are capable of parenting. Some of the factors that a judge will consider include:

  • Needs of the child
  • Stability of the home
  • Employment of the parents
  • Educational opportunities
  • Parents’ willingness to share custody
  • Geographic proximity of parents’ houses

These are details that a judge will consider when determining the custody arrangement for a child. Sometimes in joint custody cases, the judge will determine that one home is the primary household and the other is part time. If necessary, a Raleigh joint custody lawyer may represent you if you wish to fight for primary custody care.

Benefits of Joint Custody

Divorce is often an emotionally charged process, and particularly when there are children involved. At the end of the day, every parent just wants what is best for their child, and in many instances, divorced spouses can work toward a “new normal” by sharing custody of their children and building a new life and new family dynamic.

Joint custody is usually a suitable arrangement for many couples as it allows both parents to still spend considerable time with their children. American Psychological Association published a study that showed joint custody might be the best option for children of divorce.

Some of the benefits of joint custody include:

  • The child will be able to spend substantial time with both parents.
  • Having a positive relationship with both parents usually promotes healthy life skills and habits for the future.
  • Children exhibit better behavior and learning at school
  • Children are less likely to experience depression or anxiety
  • Children with stable parental relationships tend to experience fewer stress-related issues

While it might be hard to deal with an ex-spouse regularly, a joint custody situation could possibly benefit your child the most out of any other scenario. Our attorneys will work with you and the other parent and their legal team to fight for a final decision that is something you are comfortable with full-time.

Consult a Joint Custody Lawyer in Raleigh

Parents in Raleigh need legal representation that will protect their parenting rights and the future they desire for their children. At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, our lawyers are prepared to help you through the legal process of negotiating joint custody. Call (919) 833-1040 today to speak with an experienced joint custody lawyer in Raleigh who can represent your interests throughout the divorce process.

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