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High Conflict Custody Cases

Many high conflict custody battles are intensely fought over many months or, sometimes, years. Children involved in these cases often bear emotional scars as they are forced to watch their parents’ legal battle play out. High conflict cases are best handled quickly and with the least amount of exposure to children as possible, but this may be impossible when both parents’ vast disagreements lead to them being fully convinced they alone are doing what is right for their children. As a result, the fate of high conflict custody cases often lies in the hands of the attorneys representing each spouse. If you or someone you know is involved in a high conflict custody case, it is imperative you find a qualified and proven lawyer to defend your child’s future.

Common High Conflict Custody Resolutions

igh conflict divorce cases are almost never easily settled by nature, but they are many methods effective lawyers will employ to ease the court proceeding. Constructive conversation is, by far, the most useful key to finishing a high conflict case; however, many couples who are involved in a high conflict custody battle are unable to effectively have a constructive conversation without divulging into stalemate arguments. Formal litigation should be considered only as a last resort for many couples as this usually only lengthens the divorce process. Couples hoping to avoid such a process should look into alternative dispute resolutions, which often help to facilitate divorce proceedings. Some of the most common proceedings used for high conflict custody case resolution include:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Couple Counseling
  • Family facilitated conversation
  • Litigation

It may seem as if a high conflict custody battle may never end, but through the perseverance of a dedicated parent and their legal representation, the safety of a child’s future can be secured.

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