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Hague Convention Adoption Process

As international adoption is becoming more popular, countries from across the world came together and created the Hague Convention to establish standardized safeguards for adopting international children. This agreement between nations developed to protect the well being of children by providing greater protection for those looking to adopt. Currently, over 90 countries have signed the Hague Convention, including some of the most popular countries for foreign adoption, such as China, South Korea, and Ethiopia.

Differences between Hague and Non-Hague Convention Processes

The adoption process for Hague Convention countries contains far more requirements for potential parents because they must receive approval from an accredited adoption agency. Some of the largest differences that distinguish the Hague adoption process from the Non-Hague process include:

  • Mandatory ten hour parental education course
  • Approval from Department of State’s designated accrediting agency
  • Visa application submitted prior to adoption
  • Review of child’s medical records
  • Different applications

While many aspects of the Non-Hague adoption process are very similar to the Hague process, less stringent requirements make it easier to adopt . However, the process may be riskier for prospective parents.

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