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Raleigh Infant Adoption Attorneys

Are you looking to adopt an infant? If so, the Raleigh infant adoption attorneys of Marshall & Taylor PLLC can provide you the experienced legal counsel you need for this often-complicated process.

Domestic infant adoption refers to those situations where a birth mother voluntarily places her baby for adoption in the United States. Adoptive parents have two options in North Carolina: agency adoptions that are run through the North Carolina Division of Social Services or private infant adoptions. In either case, the process does not begin until a child is born. While the outcome of adopting a newborn can be joyous, the process for adoption in North Carolina can be quite complex, and the laws governing it are strictly applied. If you are considering infant adoption, the experienced team at Marshall & Taylor PLLC can help you make sure that no legal matter goes unchecked.

When considering whether or not to pursue adoption, it is crucial that adoptive parents surround themselves with a knowledgeable and competent support system that truly understands the process. Engaging an experienced adoption lawyer is an important part of ensuring that your adoption proceeds smoothly and is not challenged. Our compassionate family law attorneys understand and appreciate the obstacles adoptive parents face. Allow the accomplished team of Raleigh infant adoption attorneys at Marshall & Taylor PLLC to handle the process from start to finish so that you can focus on the joy that will come from it all.

The Process of Adopting Newborns in North Carolina

Those seeking to adopt in North Carolina must strictly comply with Chapter 48 of the North Carolina Adoption Statutes. For example, the minimum age to adopt in North Carolina is 18. Your marriage status generally does not determine your eligibility to adopt an infant child. Whether you rent or own your home is also inconsequential. Nor is having parenting experience a requirement, but it is okay if you already have children in your home.

The basic adoption process for infants in North Carolina is as follows:

  • Parents looking to adopt start the process by undergoing a mandatory home study (which is a detailed appraisal of you, your spouse or partner, and your home environment) to determine your eligibility and fitness as an adoptive parent. The home study is frequently used as a screening device for both agency and private adoptions. Partnering with our Raleigh family law attorneys who know the types of questions asked during home studies can help ensure the process runs smoothly. The report must be conducted or updated within 18 months prior to an adoption and typically requires the adoptive parents to disclose the following information:
    • Basic demographic and social information, including marital and family history
    • Reasons for seeking adoption
    • The presence of any previous domestic violence proceedings, alleged child abuse, neglect, or abandonment
    • Verified copies of financial information
    • Educational and employment history
    • Physical and mental health
    • Convictions for any crimes (excluding minor traffic violations)
    • Information regarding the home environment and functioning of other children in the home (if applicable)
  • File your Petition for Adoption with the court.
  • When the adoption petition is filed, the court then orders a post-placement study to determine whether or not proposed adoption is in the child’s best interests. This process typically entails an interview with each adoptive parent in your home. At this stage, a recommendation will be made to the court as to whether to grant or deny adoption petition.
  • Lastly, the court schedules a hearing to evaluate your petition within 90 days of filing. The court will likely grant your petition without going through any sort of official trial if it determines you and your partner are suitable for adoption. If a hearing is required, however, partnering with an adoption attorney to help argue your case can be highly beneficial for your prospects.

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The decision to adopt can be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. Unfortunately, the legal process that adoptive parents must navigate when considering adoption can be extremely complex. Adoptive parents going through the process alone run the risk of experiencing frustrating delays and setbacks. If you are pursuing an infant adoption, partnering with an attorney may be in your best interest to help guide the process and ensure you get the best results.

Let the team of caring family law attorneys at Marshall & Taylor PLLC help you add a new infant to your family. Dedicated to the people we serve, our team has an established reputation for prioritizing your needs and fighting to achieve your goals. The assistance of our accomplished Raleigh adoption lawyers can help make the infant process significantly less complicated. Call us today at (919) 833-1040 to schedule your consultation.