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Board Certification in North Carolina Family Law

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Board Certification in North Carolina Family Law

When you are searching for a legal professional to help you handle issues dealings with your marriage or your children, you naturally want to find help of the highest possible ability. Such sensitive, intimate areas demand a great degree of experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to determine which attorneys are actually qualified. How can you tell that a family lawyer has the necessary skills to master the specifics of your case?

To answer this question, many people turn to the North Carolina State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. The Board awards official certification to lawyers in 12 different areas, including family law. The Board notes that certified family law specialists have earned their credentials practicing law relating to “marriage, divorce, alimony, child custody and support, equitable distribution, enforcement of support, domestic violence, bastardy, and adoption.” Individuals in need of excellent legal representation for these issues often search for Board Certified Family Law Specialists.

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    What Does Certification Entail?

    The arduous process of obtaining certification ensures that specialists are objectively experienced and knowledgeable in their area. A lawyer earns certification by:

    • Spending at least 25% of their practice time on the specialty
    • Meeting continuing education requirements
    • Obtaining confirmation from other lawyers that they possess the qualifications to be specialized
    • Passing a 6-hour exam in the field of their specialty
    • Getting recertified by the board every five years

    A lawyer must meet rigorous standards to be board certified. The certification system offers the public an objective marker of merit. Obtaining the help of a Board Certified Family Law Specialist means that you have found a lawyer vetted and decorated by the North Carolina State Bar.

    How to Find a Family Law Specialist

    If you are looking for a legal professional of the highest quality to handle your family case, you should consider hiring a North Carolina Board Certified Family Law Specialist. Jeffrey E. Marshall of Marshall & Taylor PLLC has earned this distinguished specialization. To benefit from his certification you can contact us at (919) 833-1040.