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Why You Shouldn’t Defame Your Spouse

Divorce is never easy, but the process will likely be even more difficult if you and your spouse’s relationship is particularly contentious. In fact, your spouse might have upset you so much that you are tempted to defame him or her to “get even,” perhaps, for the wrongs that you have suffered. But defamation is never advisable; there are numerous legal reasons why you should avoid this action. Our team of experienced divorce attorneys at Marshall & Taylor PLLC, can fight your battles for you.

Reasons to Reconsider Defamation

You might be rightfully upset at something your spouse did, or hurt by the divorce in general, but it is still not advisable to defame your spouse to others in person or on social media. Defamation can cause a number of legal repercussions, like:

  • Charges of slander—spoken defamation
  • Charges of libel—written defamation
  • May affect rulings on child custody, division of property, or alimony

Defamation is defined as untrue and harmful statements spread about another person. True statements are not grounds for slander or libel. However, it is always better to be prudent regarding your communications with and public statements about your soon-to-be-ex. A Raleigh divorce attorney can advise you in the proper and safe course of action.

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