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No-Fault Divorce in North Carolina

When a couple’s marriage has reached a point at which reconciliation between both spouses is no longer a realistic outcome, divorce may be necessary in order for both partners to move on with their lives. In some circumstances, particularly in cases where adultery or spousal abuse has occurred, it may be possible to obtain an at-fault divorce. However, it is more common for spouses to pursue a no-fault divorce.

No-fault divorce laws differ substantially between states, but in North Carolina, there are a number of substantive requirements that must first be met in order for a no-fault divorce to be successfully pursued. As such, at Marshall & Taylor PLLC, we believe that it is important for couples in Raleigh who are pursuing divorce to be aware of these requirements in order to be able to make the right decision when it comes to dissolving their marriage.

Requirements for No-Fault Divorce in North Carolina

In order to be able to pursue a no-fault divorce in North Carolina, the following requirements must usually be met:

  • Both spouses must have lived separately for a period of at least one year
  • At least one spouse must reside in North Carolina before the divorce is filed
  • Generally speaking, conjugal relations between spouses cannot have occurred during the separation period

If these requirements are met, a no-fault divorce can be granted.

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