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Decreasing Your Child Support Payments

When a child support agreement is first drawn up, the financial circumstances of both parents are likely to be accurately reflected in the terms of the agreement. However, those financial circumstances often change with time and may need to be altered in order to better reflect the present capabilities of both parents. Under these circumstances, many people retain a family law attorney to help them through the process of making the necessary alterations to the legally binding child support agreement that they agreed to as part of their divorce.

Some Reasons People Decrease Child Support Payments

While child support payments may be decreased for a number of reasons, our Raleigh legal team most commonly help our clients decrease their child support payments on account of the following:

  • The receiving parent’s income has significantly increased
  • The paying parent’s income has significantly decreased
  • The child no longer requires the same level of support
  • The child will be turning 18 soon
  • The receiving parent remarries

Our Raleigh legal team is committed to helping divorced parents make alterations to a child support agreement more accurately represent each of their present circumstances.

Consult with a Child Support Attorney in Raleigh

At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, our Raleigh child support attorneys understand that financial circumstances change and, furthermore, believe that child support agreements should accurately reflect an individual’s present circumstances. To discuss your present circumstances with one of our family law attorneys, please call our Raleigh offices at 919-833-1040 today.

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