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Raleigh Separation Lawyers

Many married couples reach a point in their relationship at which they no longer wish to continue their lives together. Frequently, couples who reach this point choose to pursue a divorce in order to legally end their relationship. However, for other couples, choosing to seek legal separation instead of formal divorce may be the more attractive option.

At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, we know that separation can be confusing for anyone in Raleigh who is considering taking this step. Though there are several different types of separation, from informal and formal to divorce from bed and board, and the legal requirements of each varies, anyone who wants to seek a separation from their spouse can make sure they understand what is required of them and that their rights and interests are protected by enlisting the support of a skilled legal professional.

Types of Separation

Under North Carolina law, there are a number of different forms of legal separation couples may pursue, including:

  • Informal legal separation: living apart from one’s self for a year or longer.
  • Divorce from bed and board: Fault-based separation that is not a divorce, but requires you and your spouse to live separately.

Depending on the status of issues like child custody and property division, these options may be more attractive for a couple than pursuing divorce outright.

Speak with a Separation Attorney in Raleigh

If you are considering pursuing legal separation from your spouse, you likely need in-depth information and the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney with a specialization in family law to make the decision that is best for you and your situation. Contact the attorneys at Marshall & Taylor PLLC, today by calling our offices at 919-833-1040 to speak with a qualified member of our legal staff and learn more about how we can guide you through the separation process.

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