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Choosing to end a marriage can be a difficult decision to make. Unfortunately, divorce may be the best option for you and your partner’s situation. Even after you make this heart-wrenching decision, there are still several different issues—from property division to child custody—that you will need to effectively address in order for the divorce to be successful and for both partners to begin their new lives apart.

In order to ensure that you reach a fair and equitable settlement for your divorce, it is essential that you have knowledgeable legal representation to protect your rights and interests. At Marshall & Taylor PLLC, our Raleigh divorce lawyers understand how much the outcome of a divorce can affect anyone going through the process. That’s why we believe in providing the comprehensive support you need as you navigate this difficult time.

The Different Types of Divorce

Divorce can come in a number of different forms, but the following are the most common in Raleigh:

Regardless of which form of divorce you pursue, you will likely have to work through a number of complicated legal matters, making it critical to have the support of a divorce attorney you can count on and trust.

Statutory Grounds for Divorce in North Carolina

Our Divorce Practice Areas

Our attorneys have years of experience helping our clients achieve divorce in a number of different scenarios and under various circumstances. A number of common issues typically come up during divorce proceeding, including:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Property Division
  • Alimony
  • Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders
  • Mediation & Arbitration
  • Tax Information
  • Medical Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Distribution of personal property

These are just a few of the issues that frequently arise during divorce proceedings. Our attorneys have experience with these and other issues relating to divorce. For more information about what you need to discuss prior to your divorce, please contact one of our qualified Raleigh divorce attorneys today.

How and Where is a Divorce Complaint Filed in North Carolina?

Requirements for a Divorce from Bed and Board

Despite its name, a divorce from bed and board is not actually a divorce, but a legal separation. Although North Carolina is a no-fault divorce state, this type of separation operates on an at-fault basis. There are six statutory fault grounds for one spouse to file for a divorce from bed and board, including:

  • Abandonment
  • One spouse turning the other outside of the house
  • Domestic violence
  • Instances of “indignities” that become unbearable
  • Drug or alcohol abuse by one spouse
  • Adultery

Many people pursue divorce from bed and board when their spouse is unwilling to separate or get a divorce and their situation adheres to the above requirements. If you have any additional questions or want to speak to one of our experienced Raleigh divorce attorneys, please contact Marshall & Taylor PLLC today.


What kind of divorce should I pursue?

The type of divorce you should pursue largely depends on your specific situation, as well as the outcome you and your spouse each wants from the divorce. If you are looking for a simplified and cost-effective divorce without much controversy, a mediated or uncontested divorce may be your best option. In a mediated divorce, a single attorney negotiates the terms of the divorce in a simplified and expedited way. In an uncontested divorce, most of the terms of the divorce have already been worked out and an attorney can assist you in deciding any details and finalizing the divorce. On the other hand, if you have more issues to work out but want to amicably sort through them, a collaborative divorce may be a better option for you because it allows you to negotiate the terms of your divorce in a way that is beneficial for both parties. If there are issues in your divorce that you and your partner cannot agree on or come to terms with, a contested divorce may be necessary to find solutions and determine what is best for both parties.

Which form of divorce is the most cost-effective?

The most cost-effective divorces are uncontested, mediated, or collaborative divorces. Contested divorces are usually the most expensive because they can involve ongoing legal fees, court costs, and the use of more than one attorney. What may ultimately determine the price of your divorce is how many of the issues of divorce have already been discussed and agreed upon, whether you need one lawyer to mediate between you and your spouse or two attorneys to collaborate for you, and how long the proceedings and negotiations take.

What kinds of issues will I have to address during the divorce process?

During the process of your divorce, you and your spouse will discuss, negotiate, and finally agree on a variety of issues. Some of these issues include the division of property and debt, child custody terms and visitation rights, the possibility of alimony and associated costs, health insurance, college education costs for any children, and a variety of other issues necessary for the termination of a marriage. Your attorney will go over many general issues, and some issues that are specific to you and your spouse’s case, with you. When looking for a child custody attorney, consult the leading divorce lawyers at Marshall & Taylor PLLC.

Get in Touch with a Divorce Lawyer in Raleigh

Even if you and your partner want to have an amicable divorce, divorces can easily become lengthy and complicated, making the help of an experienced divorce attorney necessary for most divorces. The legal team at Marshall & Taylor PLLC makes it our mission to provide couples pursuing divorce with the representation they need and deserve. If you are considering divorce and need someone to look after your rights and interests, call 919-833-1040. We can help you understand the options available to you and the steps you need to take next.

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