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Filing for Divorce in North Carolina

January is one of the most popular months for divorce – a decision that is conflicted and full of overwhelming emotions. When divorcing in North Carolina, it is necessary to be aware of three important matters: property, spousal support or alimony, and custody.

Even if a couple has spent very little time married, it is highly probable that they have shared debts and property together. In North Carolina, anything that can be classified as “marital property” or “marital debt” is usually divided equally no matter who the title owner is. This policy can have exemptions, for instance in the case of an inheritance. In spousal support claims, adultery and other forms of marital misconduct can be considered as factors when deciding on them.

In child custody cases, a parent can win sole or joint custody depending on the decision of the courts. As a last resort, a parenting schedule can be crafted by a formal agreement or court order to ensure that the children will get to have both parents in their life as they grow up.

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